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Why We've Chosen Adoption

Having children has always been our dream, but due to infertility, we have been unable to have children on our own. We have already embraced adoption in our family as two of David's cousins, our brother-in-law and Stephanie's life long best friend are all adopted. 

Adoption has always felt like the right thing for us to grow our family.  We appreciate and respect you for making this loving decision for your baby.

Why Adopt?: About

Family is Important

Stephanie's Family in Scotland
Stephanie's Family Business Christmas Party
David's Family at Thanksgiving
David and nephew Charlie
Stephanie and sister-in-law Megan in Alaska
Patton and Clyde
David's Family in Colorado
David and his uncle Ned
Twins vs. Cubs baseball rivalry
With niece Lucy and nephew Sully
Niece Madeline
Our lovable and gentle dogs
Why Adopt?: Welcome
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